VCSE - Hipparchus crater - sketch - Bognár Tamás
VCSE – Hipparchus crater – sketch – Tamás Bognár


Subject: Hipparchus crater
Classification: Lunar Craters
Date/time:  2007.08.20.
Equipment: 76/900 Newton
Eyepieces/Mag. Plössl 8mm, 112x
Transparency/Seeing: 3/5, 7/10
Humidity: low
Wind: none
Moon phase:
Observing Loc. Hungary, Zákány,  N46°14′ 59,2″ E16°57′ 15,3″
Observer: Tamás Bognár


Hipparchus is the degraded remnant of a lunar crater. It is located to the southeast of Sinus Medii, near the center of the visible Moon. To the south is the prominent crater Albategnius, and to the southwest lies Ptolemaeus, a feature of comparable dimensions to Hipparchus. Horrocks lies entirely within the northeast rim of the crater. Halley is attached to the south rim, and Hind lies to the southeast. To the north-northeast is the bowl-shaped Pickering, and the flooded Saunder is located off the northeast rim.